• Input / Output terminal

    3.5mm stereo mini


    Input impedance : 11KΩ
    Output impedance : 5Ω

    Maximum output

    300mW+300mW @ 32Ω

    Recommended headphone impedance



    OP-AMP in use : MUSES8820(socket type) +                          AD8397(SMD type)
    OPAMP drive power supply : ±5V (dual power supply)

    Battery in use

    NiMH(800mAh/3.6V pack)

    Adapter for charge

    DC12 ~ 15V/1A

    Charging / Running time

    Charging time : about 2 ~ 3 hours
    Running time : about 10 hours

    Dimension(mm) / Weight

    Dimension(mm) : 60(W) x 80(D) x 20(H)
    Weight : 134g (including battery)

    Package contents

    - AMP-HP main body(including battery)
    - User’s Manual
       (including the certificate of warranty)
    - Stereo Mini Cable
       (as a bundle, White/3.5mm/20cm)
    - iPod Audio Cable
       (as a bundle, White/20cm)
    - Power Adapter for Charge(DC12V~15V)
    - Portable Pouch