Tekniske specifikationer for Aune T1

Product : T1 24BIT TUBE USB DAC
Color : silver , black
Weight : 2KG
Size : 15.5*9.7*4cm 
Frequency response : 20hz-20khz
Signal to noise Ratio : >=120db  
Lint out : 2Vrms
Suitable headphone Impedance : 30ohm~600ohm
Headphone Amp output : (biggest is 20V) 32ohm--1000MW ,120ohm--400MW ,300ohm--150MW
Line out insider impedance : 100ohm
Headphone amp insider impedance :10ohm
USB support : 24bit/96kHz
Input jack : analog RCA jack*1 , USB jack *1
Output jack : analog RCA jack *1 , 6.5mm jack *1 Unpack : T1 24bit tube USB DAC ,power adapter(220/110V) ,PC USB cable , 6.5mm to 3.5mm stereo F adapter , User manual.